Daily Habits



Daily habits, one of the most tedious and annoying things to do. But even though you might not know it now, these habits are building up and becoming more of a everyday thing. For example, the plank we did in LA, sure it was not the best and maybe even hard. I did it repetitive over and over again and at home I felt weird when I didn’t do it, maybe it mentally or physically but I improved a lot and never thought I could do 3 minutes non stop.

Now since it is over I have been doing lots of different things such as playing tennis or pull ups, for tennis to help to get better, believe it or not I run. A lot every day in the day or at night I run around 1-2 miles to help conditioning with tennis and do slow jog and then sprints slow jog then sprint. Once you run really long  you can’t really feel your legs, well it feels weird but when I reach my house I sprint as fast as I can and I realized that you have lots or energy left and you can still sprint. Now pull ups, before I could do 5 non stop, now I can do 12. What I do is push ups, plank and things to help build my upper body strength.

What I recommend to do is try to do something you want whether it’s exercise or reading, or cleaning. All I have to say is keep doing it, over and over and over and over again add a bit more of it each time. Sooner or later you will see the difference.
Now let’s see what you can do.

The Book









Hello! I’m reading The Half Blood Prince… well I finished it yesterday. If you haven’t read this then YOU SHALL NOT PASS! because I am going to have major spoilers. Anyway, in this book sad stuff happened but also happy fun stuff happened. So first I want to point out WHO IS R.A.B! and isn’t it sort if his fault that Dumbledore died? I want to figure out why Snape is “safe with the death eaters” I mean I don’t blame him I always knew sooner or later the wise old man would die :(. because that is just how it is…

I enjoy The Half Blood Prince and I am looking forward to watching the movie. So if you are looking for a good book to read I would suggest #3. Spy School #2. Michael Vey #1. Harry Potter. These are my favorite series of all time. Well I am finished so bye!



My Comic

My comic is about Antlers, a story originated in Greece. The moral is don’t  doubt some things. Anyway I read some comics and didn’t really think about how hard it probably was to create. I now realize when you make a comic you need to either have a really good illustrator or you need to draw really well. Because in comics, half the battle is the pictures. I don’t think I did that well with the pictures.  But later on when you have comics I learned that you need many people in one comic because it is a lot of work to do it all yourself. Now I appreciate comics more and I still enjoy lots of comics. Bye!

My Online Week

How To Organize Your Desk Right Now: 18 Tactics To Declutter & Stay Organized

So the week after Thanksgiving we stayed at home and we had a online week.  I personally didn’t like it as much. And hey! Some people like it and some people didn’t and it’s fine. And I am sure that your study place got uh…. a little messy… well I have solutions!
– when you study first the most important thing is a workplace I suggest a room with a desk

-You don’t need to write in your planner or all that stuff I don’t (not trying to be a bad role model) but some people find it easier to write it down but just remember what I need to do for the day.

– I like to get all my work done quick but not to rushed so what I do is look at all my assignments and see which is the easiest and the ones that are easy I do it first and some are long so I do those after I do the easy ones.

-One thing to remember is always ALWAYS find time in your day to go outside and play a little, I find it really helpful because when you sit down and sit on screens too long (not trying to be a parent) you feel ok but lazy and once you think about going outside you are like nah I’ll do it later so you don’t do it. I set a timer and after every hour I go outside and play some basketball or tennis. And you need a timer, whether it’s a clock timer or on your electronic but you need it because then it’s annoying and then you will go out

-Try to be efficient but not too efficient because for my projects I tend to do them quicker so then later on I won’t have to so as much, so I see if classes are easy then I do projects. And I suggest to finish before 2 or 3 I finish before 12 except calls, the first day you might be slow but you will speed up as you go.

And these tips will help you. And I can make sure one of those will help you. Well bye! C ya in the next post!

What I Read

“March 20: The Maze Runner” by andtara is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


Hello everyone! Wellllllcome back! To the one and only….  Adam’s recent news blog! Yay! Woohooo! No? Okay.
Well, in this blog I’m going to share my book I’m reading. I’m reading  the book Maze Runner by James Dashner. I know some of you guys have read it but I haven’t. I’m too far so I can’t give you spoilers but I do know that this books is going to be good!

I highly suggest this book or if this is not your type, start reading Spy School, or Micheal Vey. Spy School was like, the first big series I read in 5th grade *sniff sniff* well I suggest to just pick up a book and read it! Most books that have tons and tons of pages usually are award winning books and usually in series so just pick up a book…

For example, I first read Harry Potter when I was in fourth grade and WOW I did not like the first book ….but now I read it again and I like it. I’m even on the Order of Phoenix!  I motivate myself by watching the movie at the end of the book. I love the books and movies. So give something to motivate yourself and then soon you don’t need anything; you will just fall in love with the book. For now just read!               C ya!


-signing off

What I Notice

““When you have seen one ant, one bird, one tree, you have not seen them all.”” by katerha is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I notice them, small critters, small details, small bugs, small leaves. Everywhere when I take a break and sit on a rock I see an ant nearby I’m fascinated. I can see far, see close, and notice tiny tiny details. One little ant might have something cool about it.  The smallest of small the biggest of big.  Everywhere I can catch something from the corner of my eye.

An ant 🐜 it has three parts and is really interesting. Once I saw two fight. Once I saw one try to climb up a wall and it fell.  Now it is time for you to try. Go ahead notice something, be aware, come on, you can do it.






Tennis Match


“Roger Federer, Rogers Cup 2007 Montreal” by franz88 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


It was the match. As I started I got a head start, I was up 7-2. As we kept playing I won easily the score was 8-3, 8-2, 8-5. But then I had to play a good player, I was down  6-3,  my heart dropped so I tried and I knew I had a better backhand. and lost the first set 8-6 then I made a comeback 8-5 then I won the next one 8-7. I was happy, I played pretty nice and when I got home I was super happy. The next day, my body was pretty sore but I was fine. I’m looking forward to playing my next tennis match.

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