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Hello! Welcome back to my news blog.  Today we are going to be talking about stocks and our project. We started it because of this story called Westing game. It is a very good book I suggest you read it. So first, our project was we had imaginary money and we spent it on companies and we saw if the companies were doing good or bad. Then we invested, I decided to buy more shares for cheaper companies and buy fewer shares for more expensive companies.  I chose these companies and this is why

Alibaba- because I thought I would do good because it is basically Chinese Amazon 

Microsoft- because Bill Gates owns this big company and everyone wants computers during quarantines

Zoom- because of quarantine people would do online meetings but it quarantine is over

Pfizer- because of corona lots of people will get the vaccine

Wells Fargo- this is a bank and people might want to put more money to it and secure their money

Ford- this is a company and people will want to travel and go to the country so they will buy bigger cars

Well, let’s just say I’m not the best when it comes to stocks. I lost the most money on zoom, it is a big company but people didn’t buy the paid version of zoom that much anymore. My most successful is probably Ford. Stocks is a luck and skill game without those two very important tools, you will fail. I failed. I lost so much money because of some of the companies.

Go try it yourself! See how far it will take you!

My TED Talks

Hello! Welcome back! Today we are talking about our TED talks, you can see I did “How will we survive when there is 10 billion people on this earth?” So how I started was I watched a lot of TED talks, then I came to two final ones. How we will survive when there are 10 billion people on this earth, or How humans could evolve to space. I chose the first one because it is in the near future in about 30 years.

Don’t get me wrong I think that the space thing  is in the near future too but I feel like they need the earth before they can just go to space. Right now, earth is the most valuable thing a human has it shelters them, provides them with everything they have, and most importantly keeps everyone safe from the dangers of space but now humans are starting to forget about the big universe and now earth is being ruined slowly. People are now thinking about colonizing on Mars which is smart. But at the same time we need to fix earth up first because we can’t just climb into space and start walking to Mars  everything we need to colonize Mars will come from earth because think about it like a business, without any money at the beginning then the company won’t go anywhere.

Then I worked on presenting and creating my slide presentation. The slides did not have a lot of words everything is from talking basically, when you want to make a strong presentation you talk a lot and don’t have too many words per slide. Because then people will think you didn’t really take the time to practice and instead you just wrote things down.

So my advice is go to TED watch videos and make a presentation. But if you can’t watch a TED talk and think about it. Think about it closely.



Tree Books Process

Hello! Welcome back to Adam’s Recent News blog! Today we are going to be talking about! TREE BOOKS! Yay! Hooray! Huh? What is that? Well, the tree book is something that I created that has a wish list, salute to my roots writing, and when this is over poem. So let’s go back to the very first day. We were sitting in class and Mrs. Donnelly said to us, “We are doing a tree book project!” And then we first made the cover. We picked a big rectangle and got a small window cleaner thing and we got to paint and a plastic paper sheet and paint on the top of the covers and I used green which was very fun!

Then our next step, the paper folding, this was to put things in the middle of our book. Then there is the Akua ink. It was very fun we got leaves and painted them on a gel mat.

Then everything passed like a breeze. We glued, attached, glued, attached and we wrote things to put on our book. Then we finished. I was very proud of my book. Mrs. Donnelly said we would share it at the FRANK Gallery and that made me super excited to have my book in front of a gallery. I went to the FRANK Gallery to see mine and everyone’s books it was really fun and interesting. Go ahead, you should try it too.


Book Spine Poem


It’s never too late


The kidnapped king

The boxcar children

The wheel on the school

And the mystery of the stolen corn popper


This is a spine book poem you should try it yourself!

Frances Dowell


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Hi! Welcome back! Lets start from the beginning the very first day. Today is the day we will learn we will be writing a story for a published author! We are so excited!

Then, a few weeks past we have made a story line for our characters and story. We will meet Frances Dowell soon to talk about the story.

This is it the big day todays the day we are meeting with the author we have no idea who she is. we joined the Microsoft teams call as a class and listened to her talk we. She taught us that there needs to be sticks and stones. You might think… WHA- WHAT IS THAT?!!? you might have your guesses or might not. Sticks and stones are… basically the literal meaning the stick problems are the smaller problems while the stone problems are the bigger problem mostly the main problem. Because you- you can’t really have a story without a bit of drama or conflict. It could even be a bug finding a piece of food! That will be a problem! Or a kid not finding his parents at a store that will also be a problem.

Then we put the info into the story and we perfected it and made it better. But! The first draft isn’t always your permanent one because I made a new story, and I know almost everyone made a new story because your story is limited to only your imagination and effort. So make sure you make good decisions. Because one day you might think it is the best story ever but then the next day there is a even better idea. So have a open mindset

Then, today was the final day, the big reveal, the end. We  finished our stories and we read a bit of our stories to the author and we get feedback everyone did really well! And it was fun! I am so happy and thankful we got this opportunity!

As I said your stories, characters, people, plot remember the limit is only your imagination. Thank you.






Window or Mirror



Window or mirror? Let’s first explain what is a window or mirror book is. You may have noticed windows or mirrors and what do you see…? Yourself and something outside! and this is exactly what it is!

This book is called Micheal Vey and I don’t want to give any spoilers so I will sort of give you guys things that are not important to the story. It is both a window and a mirror because I am about his age. I’m 11 he’s 15/14 (I’m not really that close to his age) so that is a mirror and he has a best friend Ostin and that I have a best friend too. And he has powers (which I don’t have) and has a mom but no dad. That is a window for me.

Micheal Vey is a book that is a window mirror because I can relate but it is mostly a mirror. It is about a boy who has lightning abilities. He meets his crush but his crush also has powers. They talk and go on missions but there is a bad guy before that and he wants all the electric children, 12 of them.

That is all I am going to say about the book and it is really good! And you should definitely read the whole series it is very good.

Richard Paul Evans does a great job of including a bit of everything, it you like action, drama, trouble and a good book to read then I suggest you should read this book!

Daily Habits

“Run!” by steve.garner32 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Hello! Welcome back! I am going to be talking about our daily habits. What is a daily habit, or what is an example you might ask? Well before this new habit, Mrs. Donnelly made us do plank.  Every 2 days we added 10 seconds you might be like, “Wow this is sooo easy it’s not hard,” well I thought that too.  When we got to 2 minutes, I was struggling the first time but I did it in soccer, tennis, and school, it was a lot easier.

For January, I did get better at tennis and I could do a lot more push ups, sit ups, and run. I will keep the workout part but I want to run because tennis is a sport where you have to rely on weather. Running however, you can run wherever you want whenever you run! But I have to warn some times are not that good for running. I will usually get up at 6.  I run with my dad for 2 hours and we time our selves. Yesterday we ran it in 18 minutes I’m trying to get to fifteen. Running is helpful in a lot of ways,. For instance, in tennis you need to be fast, basketball you have to basically run around a lot! I mean a lot to lose your defender and get the ball. With football you need to run to get a touchdown. Soccer you need to run with the ball which is even harder if you control it. And swimming, you need to have strong legs or you will get very tired, I tried to swim 4 laps at my grandparents pool and I barely even finished my 4th. Again, you need to run! Track, hmmm track well we don’t have to talk about that…

 Well, my point is everyone thinks it’s they need to focus on how they play well, no! What you need to focus on is first getting stronger building up stamina and then once you can do those things you can worry about your form and technique. What I have to say is exercise and be happy! Bye 👋  c ya in my next article!



What Punctuation Am I?




I am a exclamation mark. I like to make people happy and talk to people. For example, when someone lost a point on my team I said it’s fine. Exclamation marks are signs of loudness or happiness. I enjoy being both. Exclamation marks bring life to sentences and joy or madness. But I like to be kind. I am loud and friendly, in my opinion Exclamation marks are signs of Happiness! Energy! And Most Importantly of all… LOUDNESS!!! Loudness is a good thing and not something to be shy of (right?… right!?!) The exclamation mark is a punctuation mark that stands out from the others. Like a barking dog in front of sleeping dogs. We exclamation marks like to watch out for each other and like to make their point. We are demanding when we need to and we are not usually shy. And most importantly of all the exclamation mark can be used in lots of different sentences. So, for now… Keep on using those exclamation marks! YAY!


Daily Habits



Daily habits, one of the most tedious and annoying things to do. But even though you might not know it now, these habits are building up and becoming more of a everyday thing. For example, the plank we did in LA, sure it was not the best and maybe even hard. I did it repetitive over and over again and at home I felt weird when I didn’t do it, maybe it mentally or physically but I improved a lot and never thought I could do 3 minutes non stop.

Now since it is over I have been doing lots of different things such as playing tennis or pull ups, for tennis to help to get better, believe it or not I run. A lot every day in the day or at night I run around 1-2 miles to help conditioning with tennis and do slow jog and then sprints slow jog then sprint. Once you run really long  you can’t really feel your legs, well it feels weird but when I reach my house I sprint as fast as I can and I realized that you have lots or energy left and you can still sprint. Now pull ups, before I could do 5 non stop, now I can do 12. What I do is push ups, plank and things to help build my upper body strength.

What I recommend to do is try to do something you want whether it’s exercise or reading, or cleaning. All I have to say is keep doing it, over and over and over and over again add a bit more of it each time. Sooner or later you will see the difference.
Now let’s see what you can do.

The Book









Hello! I’m reading The Half Blood Prince… well I finished it yesterday. If you haven’t read this then YOU SHALL NOT PASS! because I am going to have major spoilers. Anyway, in this book sad stuff happened but also happy fun stuff happened. So first I want to point out WHO IS R.A.B! and isn’t it sort if his fault that Dumbledore died? I want to figure out why Snape is “safe with the death eaters” I mean I don’t blame him I always knew sooner or later the wise old man would die :(. because that is just how it is…

I enjoy The Half Blood Prince and I am looking forward to watching the movie. So if you are looking for a good book to read I would suggest #3. Spy School #2. Michael Vey #1. Harry Potter. These are my favorite series of all time. Well I am finished so bye!



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