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Window or Mirror



Window or mirror? Let’s first explain what is a window or mirror book is. You may have noticed windows or mirrors and what do you see…? Yourself and something outside! and this is exactly what it is!

This book is called Micheal Vey and I don’t want to give any spoilers so I will sort of give you guys things that are not important to the story. It is both a window and a mirror because I am about his age. I’m 11 he’s 15/14 (I’m not really that close to his age) so that is a mirror and he has a best friend Ostin and that I have a best friend too. And he has powers (which I don’t have) and has a mom but no dad. That is a window for me.

Micheal Vey is a book that is a window mirror because I can relate but it is mostly a mirror. It is about a boy who has lightning abilities. He meets his crush but his crush also has powers. They talk and go on missions but there is a bad guy before that and he wants all the electric children, 12 of them.

That is all I am going to say about the book and it is really good! And you should definitely read the whole series it is very good.

Richard Paul Evans does a great job of including a bit of everything, it you like action, drama, trouble and a good book to read then I suggest you should read this book!